Westchester Suboxone

Suboxone Treatment Program for Opioid Dependence at Mt. Kisco Clinic

Initial Assessment:

  • Intake and medical assessments and toxicology are taken to determine suitability for the program.
  • Client receives information about the Suboxone protocol.

Induction Period – 3 days

  • Day 1 – Client fills the prescription. The initial dose is taken in the doctor’s office and is monitored by the physician and a nurse for 2 to 3 hours;
  • Day 2 – Client takes the 2nd dose in the presence of medical staff with monitoring for 1-2 hours.
    Client participates in a CD treatment program in conjunction with the Suboxone therapy.
  • Day 3 – Client sees the staff nurse at the beginning of the day to report status and any adverse effects. Client then goes to their treatment program.

Stabilization and Maintenance – To be Determined

  • Client continues to see the physician on a weekly basis.
  • Client continues to participate in a chemical dependency treatment program.
  • There are no time limits for this regimen. The length of Suboxone therapy is
    determined by the client’s need. While the client is taking Suboxone,
    the Client will continue to see the physician and to participate in CD treatment

Please call: Carey Wardell at (914) 666-6740 x 123.