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Mt. Kisco Clinic is now providing Suboxone Therapy for opioid dependence.

  • Suboxone is a medication-assisted therapy which helps a person detoxify from opioid use and reduces the cravings and withdrawal symptoms associated with that process.
  • Suboxone is administered as a thin film which quickly dissolves when placed under the tongue. It includes two different medications: Buprenorphine which is the primary ingredient which reduces craving, and Naloxone which is added to prevent abuse and brings on withdrawal in people who abuse buprenorphine by injecting it.
  • Suboxone therapy is provided in conjunction with a counseling program to ensure its effectiveness. Clients who are admitted to this program must also participate in a counseling program at the Clinic.
  • Suboxone is administered by a physician at the Clinic. Once the dosage is stabilized, the medication can be taken at home.
  • Suboxone therapy can continue as long as necessary to prevent relapse. The medication can be discontinued if the client’s recovery becomes stable. Discontinuation or tapering must be done slowly, over time, with the assistance of treatment

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